Month: March 2017


NIGHTCAP BREEDER: VIMUTTI LINEAGE: GARGAMEL X GREASE MONKEY EFFECT: INDICA START, INDICA FINISH THC: 31.01%  |  CBD: .12% NIGHTCAP PROFILE   BODY Strong body buzz and very relaxed. HEAD Strong effect with quick onset. Relaxes mind and reduces mental activity. NOSE Heavy aroma, strong notes of pine and wood. MOUTH Start: Smooth and light, flavor is in exhale. Finish: Fresh pine, …

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Miracle Releaf

Superior Chemistry & Premium Ingredients _____ MIRACLE RELEAF is a revolutionary nano delivery line of CBD and THC rich serums. Our precise sublingual dosing bypasses the digestive system. MIRACLE RELEAF avoids the GI tract and liver where normal dilution and waste occurs in other traditional medicinal cannabis products. The science behind our microencapsulated cannabis oil …

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