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Feb 01 2020


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Hella Dank Vendor Demo



We craft products in only a few categories; we are an ice water hashish company, and everything we make is centered around that.

Our ingredients are simple: water, ice, and cannabis.

Q: What is Living Soil Solventless?

A: We are a solventless company, because we believe in making the cleanest products possible. No additives or chemicals used in our hash-making process, but it all starts with the soil.

Living Soil – Small Craft Farms

  • Natural – “Feed the soil not the plant.” Support the microbial life in the ground and let the plants uptake nutrients as they need them.

  • Sustainable – Build the soil up and watch it get better year after year.

  • Healthy Plants – Plants growing in living soil are hardy and resilient to pests and disease. This eliminates the reason to use harmful chemicals such as pesticides.