Save time, pay online.

Mercy Wellness is excited to introduce Mercy Express Pay, our easy, secure, one-click payment option that lets our customers take advantage of contactless transactions for both online and delivery orders. 

Made for use on any mobile device, Mercy Express Pay is the next innovation by Mercy Wellness to better and more safely support our customers, decreasing time and direct contact with our budtenders or drivers.

Why Prepay?

It’s Fast • It’s Secure • And it’s Touchless

One-time Mercy Express Pay set-up is seamless. Customers need only use the SMS prompt to securely link to the bank account of their choice. Once set, Mercy Express Pay is a simple, one-click purchase solution—no additional PIN numbers or passwords to access. 

Partnering with Treez, our point-of-sale provider, and Stronghold in September 2020, Mercy adds a nominal $2.95 processing fee to each payment transaction—markedly less than most ATM fees.

Frequently Asked Questions


MERCY EXPRESS PAY is a digital payment solution that provides our customers with a convenient way to pay for their online or delivery orders with their mobile devices. When our customer places an order, they’ll receive an SMS text message when their order is “Packed & Ready” with a link to add their payment information and authorize payment for their order. This set-up process only takes a few minutes and allows for one-click payment on all future orders.


Stronghold and Treez have partnered with us to offer a fully integrated, compliant ACH payment solution. While Treez is the eCommerce system we use, Stronghold is the company that oversees the financial and technical aspects of the integration, making the secure, digital transactions possible.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches. ACH credit transfers include direct deposit, payroll and vendor payments.

Payments via Stronghold run on the ACH network. ACH payments are electronic bank-to-bank payments that allow a merchant to debit directly from a customer’s account once the customer approves the transaction. This is a secure transaction that ensures the customer has final approval. 

How do our customers pay for their orders using ACH?

When a customer places an order on Mercy’s Treez eCommerce menu, they’ll receive a text message with a link to Stronghold. Using that link, they’ll be able to securely sign-up or log-in through their selected banking provider. Once the customer is in their Stronghold account, they’ll simply need to confirm the items and total amount being charged and tap Pay.

Do I have to place an order online to use MERCY EXPRESS PAY?

Yes, you must place your order online prior to arriving at Mercy Wellness or before delivery.

Do I have to use my cell phone number?

Yes, you must use a verified and linked cell phone number to your account profile. This is the only way that we can send you the SMS Text link to pay online for your order.

Does this product require a consumer to download an App?

No, the Stronghold Pay product does not require any mobile application to be used. Stronghold Pay is embedded in our existing point-of-sale system.

Is customer banking information secure?

Yes, confidential customer banking details are not accessible by Mercy Wellness or Treez.

Is there a fee for using MERCY EXPRESS PAY?

Yes, a processing fee of $2.95 will be charged to the customer, similar to an ATM Bank Debit Card processing fee.

Is there a limit?

There is a $999 max limit, this would include any fees involved (ie $4.20 delivery fee or Stronghold’s $2.95 ACH Fee).

Should I expect any additional bank fees?

Absolutely not. Using MERCY EXPRESS PAY will not trigger additional bank fees.

What name appears on the bank statement?

Important! Customers will see the name “Mercy Wellness of Cotati” on their bank statement.

Which banks are currently participating?

More than 600 banks are currently approved with Stronghold including all major banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and WestAmerica Bank. Local banks include Redwood Credit Union, Community First Credit Union and Exchange Bank. North Bay Credit Union is not approved yet, but we anticipate adding them to our banking list soon.

Do customers need to enter their bank information every time they purchase??

Nope! Customer information is saved to their account. They’ll need to log-in to their Mercy Express eCommerce account each time they purchase for security reasons, but they won’t need to complete the full sign-up process after their first transaction.

Can I send my spouse or friend to pick up my order?

No. You must be present to receive your order. We operate under strict regulations set forth by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, and you must present your valid government-issued identification before we can complete your transaction.

How can I contact you if I need assistance?

You can always call Mercy by phone at (707) 753-4002 to speak with a Budtender during regular store hours. The text you receive for Order is in Queue, Awaiting Processing or Packed & Ready is a 2-way communication line between you and one of our Budtenders, so feel free to text us there as well.

What if I am having troubles with my bank?

Cannabis, while legal in California, is not legal in all 50 states.  Most banks are federally regulated and insured by the FDIC.  From time to time banking regulators will remove themselves from Stronghold’s approved list.  We find that this time period is often short and by the next time you shop with Mercy, your bank will be reinstated.  Stronghold recommends contacting your bank ( if you feel comfortable).  In the meantime, you can pay by using an ATM Debit card or cash depending on your order type.

What if I do not want to use MERCY EXPRESS PAY?

That’s okay, nothing has changed for you. Please come into Mercy and pick up and pay for your order just as you did before. 



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