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Dr. norm's

Dr. Norms True Story.

When meeting with Jeff going over some branding ideas for Audrey’s Cookies, Roberta uttered the prescient words, “We should do weed cookies”! In her mind, she was 100% kidding. But, Jeff took her idea quite seriously and convinced Roberta to give this a shot! It made sense. Proposition 64 was on the upcoming California ballot to legalize cannabis, so the timing was perfect! It was from this casual conversation that the idea for Dr. Norm’s was born.

Since they named our traditional company after their mom, it just felt right to name the cannabis company after their dad. After all, as a beloved medical doctor, he represented trust, caring, and making his patients feel like family – all things that they wanted their brand to represent. So the name Dr. Norm’s stuck and our journey began!

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