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Mercy curates the widest and best selection of cannabis flower, edibles, oils and tinctures at the lowest prices available. It’s taken us years to learn how to find the best products for Mercy customers. We are dedicated to serving them and providing only the best we can find.

Many of the products we sell are created by people who have a powerful need for themselves. Maybe a family member or friend had cancer or other illness and they were compelled to help them; so, they developed a product to help. Sometimes, our customers just want to relax or they need help sleeping. We constantly ask ourselves, What do our customers want? And then we look for the best products on the market.

Tune into Mercy’s Canna Help You? and hear stories from the cannabis frontier of legal, safe consumption. Enjoy yourself!

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Episode #1

Our first show introduces listeners to Mercy Wellness™ and dives into its origins as a medical marijuana dispensary as well as its position in the community today. We also talk with Murray Koch of the brand Papa and Barkley.

Episode #4

The fourth show in our series focuses on the permit struggle for cannabis growers in Sonoma County and takes a look at extracts and vape pens—and how Mercy Wellness™ works to keep its message of healing with compassion and love at the forefront.

Episode #7

Our seventh show continues our exploration of cannabis basics: microdosing, cannabis benefits for sleep and pain, and more…

Episode #10

Host Michelle Marques talks with Jeffrey Westman, CEO and founder of KasanaCare, LLC, about improving the lives of older adults with cannabis. We talk about the way caregivers are incorporating cannabis into the care of older adults for things like pain, insomnia, anxiety, and more. We also talk with Joe Sullivan, leading expert and product manager at Mercy Wellness™, and Nick Otani, CEO of Revelation Extracts where we learn more about a locally produced rosin. Today’s show looks at the ways

Episode #13

In this 13th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Joanna Cedar, public affairs manager at CannaCraft, about sustainability and cannabis. We also talk with mother and daughter team Christine and Nicole Skibola, owners of Cosmic View. Cosmic View incorporates science, a family touched by cancer, and locally grown olive oil into their product line and brand philosophy.

Episode #16

In this 16th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Janeen Murray, Executive director of Sonoma County GO LOCAL, to talk about the importance of supporting local businesses and the relationship between GO LOCAL and Mercy. We also talk with Matthew Ingram, CEO of Proof, a Sonoma County-based cannabis company. Matthew shares his experiences, including how the company was founded, their commitment to providing compassionate, affordable products, and the ways that differentiate Proof’s product line from others.

Episode #19

In this 18th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Austin Fagen, Corporal for United States Marine Corps and NorCal brand rep and sales for Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, about veterans and cannabis.

Austin shares the story that is sadly common for many veterans—of needing help to treat PTSD, sleep issues, and anxiety. The mission of the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance is to provide the public and veterans with safe access to the highest quality, lab-tested medical cannabis.

We also welcome Brian Scott, vice president of the Edibles Division for Valhalla Confections. Brian talks about the different products available in their line as well as the challenges Valhalla has faced making its way through the transition to the adult-use market.

Episode #22

In this 22nd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Damon Crain, co-owner and general manager of Doobie Nights.  Doobie Nights is an immersive cannabis dispensary located at 3011 Santa Rosa Avenue, Ste A in Santa Rosa. The dispensary features incredible technology that includes moving projections on the walls, sculptural elements featuring hypnotic LED displays, an arch-shaped portal screen, interactive touch screens, and mini portals that seem to beam your purchase in from some other realm. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

We also welcome our guest Braden Montgomery, director of cultivation for Humboldt County Indoor. Braden talks about some of his favorite strains as well as the struggles to keep up with the current demand for new and stronger strains. He also shares the ways Humboldt County Indoor strives to be environmentally sound.

Episode #25

In this 25th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Larry Tackett, the Wisdom Community outreach coordinator for Mercy. Larry is working to help seniors learn more about cannabis and to improve access. In our conversation today, we talk about how cannabis can be an ingredient in your recipe for living a better life.

We also welcome our guest Paul Roethle, founder of Chemistry with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. Paul shares the story of his path to working with cannabis and discusses what sets Chemistry apart from other extract and concentrate producers.

Episode #28

In this 25th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Brandon Levine, founder and CEO of Mercy, and Owen Guyan, operations team member and producer of the Canna Help You podcast radio show. Cannabis dispensaries have been deemed essential businesses during the shelter-in-place orders. Brandon, Joe, and Owen share details on how Mercy Wellness has adapted to serving the community during the COVID-19 health crisis, including delivery and curbside pickup.

Episode #30

In this 30th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Terry Garrett, COO at Mercy. Terry talks with Sonu Chandi, founder, and president of Chandi Hospitality, about how significant it is to support locally based and locally owned companies—from cannabis to restaurants and everything in between. Now more than ever, spending money with local businesses will help support our local economy.

In the second segment, Joe talks with Chuck Ross, CEO, and founder of F.A. Nino’s Artisan Products & Catering, about a new cannabis-infused hot sauce. Chuck shares the details of how he is making this product using local facilities, including the cannabis co-packing facility The Galley, based in Santa Rosa. Chuck anticipates that the new cannabis-infused green hot sauce will be launching at Mercy soon!

Episode #33

In this 33rd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Aliza Sherman, CEO of Ellementa, to talk about women and their relationship to cannabis. Cannabis can affect women differently than men, and women also tend to reach for edibles, tinctures, and topicals more than flower and vapes. Learn more in the book that Aliza Sherman co-authored with Dr. June Chin, Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness—available online.

During the second segment, we talk with Nate Ferguson, cofounder and chief of production at Jetty Extracts. Nate shares details on their new UNREFINED Live Resin product and how it differs from other live resin products. Jetty works with a proprietary cryo extractor.

Episode #36

In this 36th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Paul Roethle, founder of Chemistry and an organic chemist. Paul shares the story of his path to working with cannabis and what sets Chemistry apart from other extract and concentrate producers.

We also talk with Keith Cich, president/cofounder of Sunderstorm, the producers of Kanha. Keith talks about his personal relationship with cannabis and the way Sunderstorm was created. Kanha has been the leader in nanotechnology in the cannabis industry.

Episode #39

In this 39th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks to Emma Zornes, the Education Manager along with Brandon Downs talk about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), a powerful cannabis concentrate used in a variety of applications.

Brandon shares the story of how he came to use RSO to manage his epilepsy, along with other treatments. Emma and Brandon also talk about the value of full-spectrum products.

Episode #42

In this 42nd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Andre Kajlich, lead brand ambassador at Care By Design. Andre shares his inspirational story of his life-changing experience in Europe and how he became an advocate for cannabis. He also tells us how he became the lead brand ambassador at Care By Design.

Episode #46

In this 46th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Michael Ray, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Bloom Farms. Michael shares the story of Bloom Farms, from it’s beginnings as a commune in the Sierra Foothills, to the company it is today. Bloom Farms started a meal donation program more than 6 years ago that has so far donated more than 2 million meals!

Episode #48

In this 48th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Rachelle Mesheau, Marketing and Communications Manager at Redwood Empire Food Bank about hunger in the North Bay and how the food bank has ramped up services during the pandemic. Mercy Wellness General Manager, Armando Franco explained why Mercy is committed to supporting the REFB and presented a $5,000 check to the food bank during the show! Mercy Wellness has also set up a food barrel at their store in Cotati to collect non-perishable food donations.

Episode #50

In this 50th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Ryan Cowell, Brand Manager for Cresco Labs. Ryan shares a bit of his background as well as his personal experience with cannabis, prior to joining the team at Cresco. Emma and Ryan talk about the products under the Good News label, with easy-to-understand names for effects-driven products, like Me-time, Brunch, Fri-yay, and Vegas!

Episode #51

In this 51st episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Justin Benson, Vice President of Product at NorCal Cannabis Company, and Jennifer Merla, Northbay Account Manager at NorCal Cannabis Company. Benson and Jennifer share the story of NorCal Cannabis Company, from its start as a legacy cannabis company to the multi-brand ecosystem of cannabis that it has become. Brands under the NorCal Cannabis Company umbrella include 1Lyfe, Panacea, and Lo Lo.

Episode #2

Our second installment of Canna Help You? focuses on seniors and their experience at Mercy Wellness™. Host Michelle Marques talks with Kaylynn Cardoza and Joe Sullivan of Mercy; Stephanie Mandeville, Care By Design Education Manager; and Robert Jacob, former mayor of Sebastopol and founder of medical marijuana dispensary Peace in Medicine.

Episode #5

The team from Mercy Wellness™ along with David Miller-Hershon, North Bay Account Manager for Heavy Hitters and Mammoth Distribution discuss all things 420. What it means, where the tradition of 420 comes from, and how it will be observed and celebrated at Mercy. Come to our store in Cotati on April 20 from 9am to 7pm for a chance to meet vendors, learn more about cannabis, and have a great time!

Episode #8

Our eighth show covers a new museum exhibit about cannabis at the Museum of Sonoma County running June 16 through September 15 and discusses the Legion of Bloom brand.

Episode #11

Host Michelle Marques and Joe Sullivan, leading expert and product manager at Mercy Wellness™, talk with Matthew Tepper, Northern California sales account manager at Jetty Extracts about the passage of Prop 64 impacted programs that supplied medical marijuana to patients for free. The advent of recreational use in California has eliminated that option. Jetty Extracts is on a tour of California to gather signatures and support for SB 34, which would allow compassionate care programs to return, supplying free cannabis to seriously ill medical marijuana patients.

Episode #14

In this 14th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Brian Applegarth, Cannabis tourism and travel entrepreneur, cannabis historian and co-curator of Grassroots: Cannabis from Prohibition to Prescription, executive director of the California Cannabis Tourism Association, and creator of the Cannabis Trail (whew!). In this great conversation, we talk about The Cannabis Trail, a series of important spots relating to prohibition era cannabis and the road to legalization. We also talk about his involvement in the fascinating exhibit at the Sonoma County Museum, Grassroots: Cannabis from Prohibition to Prescription. We also talk with Matt Morea, vice president of sales for CannaCraft, Inc., about Grasslands at Outside Lands and upcoming trends/products on the horizon.

Episode #17

In this 17th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Taylor Blake, associate producer of The Emerald Cup, to the program to talk about the 2019 event and how it has grown and changed over the years. The 2019 Emerald Cup is December 14-15 at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, with a new preview mixer on December 13. We also talk with Ezra Malmuth, CEO and founder of Atlas, about the history of their brand and the way that nutrition, taste and innovation play a pivotal role in the development of their product line. Ezra also shares details on a new drink mix containing the cannabinoid CBN, designed to help customers get a more restful sleep.

Episode #20

In this 18th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Mariclair O’Connell, community outreach specialist for Home Instead Senior Care, and Julie Ann Soukoulis, owner of Home Instead Senior Care. Mariclair and Julie Ann share the details on a very special program called Be a Santa to a Senior, which pairs holiday wishes from seniors together with members of our community. You can help by fulfilling a wish—it can be as simple as a book of crossword puzzles or a warm blanket. Mercy will have a tree filled with wishes from local seniors, starting on Friday, November 29. Make a difference this holiday season and Be a Santa to a Senior!

We also welcome Maggie Haproff, brand ambassador at Heavy Hitters. Maggie shares info on exciting products, including the 483 Live Resin line that features superbly preserved flavors and cannabinoids.

Episode #23

In this 23rd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk about Mercy Delivery, our brand new delivery service. You can now order anything from Mercy’s online menu (no minimum purchase) and have it delivered to your doorstep. We also welcome our guests Didi Davis, founder of Sweet Releaf and her daughter Susanna Frohman who share the story of how the product came about and why they use a high-level of THC in their topicals. They also discuss the different uses and why (despite being formulated with THC) the topical product does not produce a “high”—making it ideal for those looking for pain relief without feeling altered.

Episode #26

In this 26th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Dennis Hunter, founder of Santa Rosa-based CannaCraft. Dennis shares his history in cannabis and how he came to found the company CannaCraft, the story of how his company was raided in 2016, and what that pivotal moment meant for him personally and for the cannabis industry in California. Joe and Dennis talk about the relationship between Mercy and CannaCraft as well as the exciting products coming soon.

Episode #31

In this 31st episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Tiffany Devitt, president of Care By Design and board member of CannaCraft. Tiffany outlines the ways Care By Design mobilized to help keep their staff, clients, and first responders safe during COVID-19 by actually manufacturing hand sanitizer. CannaCraft was also part of the conversation at the state level when California was deciding whether to consider cannabis businesses as “essential” during the coronavirus shelter-in-place orders.

During the second segment, we talk with Martin A. Lee, director of Project CBD. He shares his insight into the role of CBD during the pandemic as well as some of the reasoning behind creating products with different ratios of CBD to THC and the benefits of purchasing CBD products at a dispensary versus a grocery store.

Episode #34

In this 34th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Neil Dellacava, cofounder and chief revenue officer of Gold Seal San Francisco, who talks about the way that THC is driving purchases. Dellacava was recently featured in an article on Forbes.com that explores the way people make their decisions when purchasing cannabis and how that needs to change.

During the second segment, Troy Meadows, co-founder and marketing director at Legion of Bloom, returns to the show to talk about innovations in sustainability as well as the LEGION CARES program coming to Mercy Wellness in July.

Episode #37

In this 37th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Claire Andrus, star of Mercy’s Cooking with Claire series. Claire shares her culinary journey to cooking with cannabis. She also shares some of the tools needed to make your own infusions at home to create your own edibles! Claire is also the CEO’s assistant at Mercy. Watch the Cooking with Claire series on YouTube by clicking here.

During the second segment, we talk to Matt Kulczycki, CannaCraft Edibles production manager. Matt tells us about his culinary background and the edible product lines from Satori, Absolute Extracts, and Care By Design. 

Episode #41

In this 41st episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with our fulfillment coordinator, Andy Pharris. Andy shares his personal journey dealing with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures and PTSD, and how he found a regimen that includes RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and tinctures to manage his health. Andy prefers a one-to-one ratio of CBD and THC, and he also looks for cannabis products that contain the terpene linalool (most commonly found in lavender) as they work best for him.

Episode #45

In this 45th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Erik Knutson, CEO and Co-Founder of Keef Brands. Erik shares the story of launching the brand of cannabis beverages in Colorado with his family, and how the brand has expanded to multiple states and additional products beyond their original Keef Cola line. Erik says this is an exciting time for the cannabis industry with cannabis bills passed in multiple states in the recent election. Erik also shares the details of upcoming innovations in their product line and their relationship with Santa Rosa-based CannaCraft.

Episode #49

In this 50th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Meghan Bergsman, Director of Trade Marketing at PLUS. Meghan shares details about the array of low dose edibles in their line, including sleep formulations with various ratios of CBD, THC, and CBN. The low dose makes it easy for those new to cannabis to try edibles with confidence, and also allows those with more experience to customize their dosage.

Episode #52

In this 52nd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Todd Prose, NorCal Wonder Extracts Representative and Regional Sales Manager for Cosmic Distribution about Rick Simpson Oil and how it can be used. Also known as RSO or FECO, this intensely rich cannabis oil is used to treat various ailments and can be used sublingually, mixed into food, in capsules, and topically. Wonder Extracts also make a line of tinctures.

In the second segment of the show, we welcome back Joe Sullivan, Director of Procurement and Resident Product Expert at Mercy Wellness™, who tells us all about his recent experience as a returning judge for the flower portion of the Emerald Cup, as well as the progress on the second Mercy Wellness™ dispensary in Santa Rosa. Joe also walks us through some innovative terpene testing and new information available to help you find the best strain for you.

Episode #55

In this 55th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Jayne Fisucus, Lab Manager at Select. Jayne shares the story of her background and entry into the world of cannabis as a biochemist with a love for weed. She helped a friend manage his outdoor grow and knew she’d found the right path. At Select, Jayne works with the plant to create their concentrates, with an eye on safety and consistency. Select makes sure that their concentrates are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and any other contaminants, so you can feel safe using their products.  Select has a range of products, from cartridges and tinctures to nano emulsified beverages.

Episode 56

by Canna Help You? | KSRO

Episode #56

In this 56th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with…coming soon!

Episode #3

Our third episode focuses on the economic impact of cannabis in Sonoma County as well as an overview of one producer and how his product gets to the dispensary—and how Mercy Wellness™ treats that marijuana to keep it fresh.

Episode #6

Kaylynn Cardoza, store manager and senior advocate at Mercy Wellness, discusses why consumers use cannabis, cannabinoids, THC, Sativa, Indica, CBD and more. Joe Sullivan, leading expert and product manager at Mercy Wellness™, and special guest BJ Hughes, owner and founder of S.O.G. Army, discuss S.O.G. Army and what makes them different.

Episode #9

The ninth show delves deeper into the new museum exhibit about cannabis at the Museum of Sonoma County running June 16 through September 15, and discusses the Himalaya Vapor brand.

Episode #12

In this 12th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Julie Ann Soukoulis, owner of Home Instead Senior Care, about the rise of cannabis use in the senior population. Seniors are turning to cannabis more often to deal with pain, sleep issues, agitation, depression, and more.  We also talk with Taryn Lilly, Santa Rosa and Bay Area territory manager for Skunk Feather and Biscuit Barrios and Sacramento territory manager for Skunk Feather. Skunk Feather is a flower and concentrates company founded in 2015 and based in Watsonville, California.

Episode #15

In this 15th episode, we talk about Mercy Love, the new loyalty program at Mercy Wellness™. Joining in on the conversation are Joe Sullivan, leading expert and product manager at Mercy Wellness and Felicia Accomazzo, co-producer of Canna Help You and operations director at Mercy Wellness. The team also addresses the recent concerns about vaping safety. We also talk with Allie Greenstone, brand manager at Mary’s Medicinals, about their innovative products including their very popular topical applications.

Episode #18

In this 18th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Lauren McNaughton, key account manager for Kiva Sales and Service for the Northern California area. Lauren shares the basics about cannabis edibles.

Episode #21

In this 21st episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Joe Sullivan, leading expert and product manager at Mercy Wellness, about his role as the flower judge at the 2019 Emerald Cup—what goes into evaluating cannabis flower and, as a first-time judge, what the process was like.

We also welcome our guests from Caliva: Sam Peterson, head of field marketing, and Marc Lejay, product team member. Sam and Marc share the story of Caliva and their commitment to clean, consistent products. They also share their favorite strains and products.

Episode #24

In this 24th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Larry Tackett, Wisdom Community outreach for Mercy. Larry is working to help seniors learn more about cannabis and to improve access.

We also welcome our guests Ted Whitney, VP of operations at NUG and Matt Tepper, NUG’s newest sales representative. Ted and Matt talk about NUG’s social equity efforts, company expansion, and some of their innovative products, including medicated ice popsicles.

Episode #27

In this 27th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Tim Blake, founder of the Emerald Cup & Emerald Cup Supply Co., and Harry Rose, founder and CEO of Rosette Wellness and CEO of Emerald Cup Supply Co. Tim and Harry share their personal stories of how cannabis has impacted their health. They’ll also discuss different properties of the cannabis plant and how cannabinoids are utilized in various products.

We also talk with Keith Cich, president/cofounder of Sunderstorm, the producers of Kanha. Keith talks about his personal relationship with cannabis and the way Sunderstorm was created. Kanha has been the leader in nanotechnology in the cannabis industry.

Episode #29

In this 29th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Joe Sullivan, leading expert and product manager along with Owen Guyan, operations team member and producer of the Canna Help You show. We take a deeper dive into Joe’s experience with cannabis and the road traveled that has led him to where he is now—lead buyer and procurement manager. Joe and Owen answer listener questions —like, what is Mercy doing to observe 4/20 this month?

Episode #32

In this 32nd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with James Rowan, brand ambassador for Absolute Extracts. James and Joe discuss the new things going on at ABX and what we can expect in the near future. They also talk about what products might be helpful in different situations and circumstances to give our listeners an idea of what may or may not be right for them.

During the second segment, we talk with Kent Power, sales manager at KOROVA. Kent tells us about the history of Korova as well as his involvement over the years and what makes Korova different from the rest. We then discuss which of our favorite products can be found at Mercy.

Episode #35

In this 35th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Chris Aff, owner and cofounder at Sweetwater Pharms, about their Santa Rosa-based company. Sweetwater Farms was one of the first Sonoma County companies to obtain a distribution license, which made a huge impact on the health of the company going forward.

During the second segment, we talk to Teddy Moran, senior category director of Flower at FloraCal Farms & Cresco Labs. Teddy shares the history of FloraCal, another Sonoma County-based company, and their path to becoming one of the top flower companies in the state. They were recently acquired by Cresco Labs, and the expertise established at FloraCal is now an incredible asset and model for Cresco as a whole.

Episode #38

In this 38th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Felicia Accomazzo, operations director at Mercy Wellness, talks with Emma Zornes, educator at Mercy. Emma tells us about the role of a budtender and how they can help you navigate the world of cannabis.

Felicia shares her own story of battling brain cancer and the role Rick Simpson Oil (a cannabis extract, also known as RSO) played in her recovery and ongoing health maintenance.

Episode #40

In this 40th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Thomas and Casey Angeley, the CEO and COO (respectively) of Emerald Bay Extracts, a producer of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Casey and Thomas share the story of how they came to the cannabis industry and their particular path to creating high-quality, clean RSO. Emerald Bay Extracts produces strain-specific oil as well as convenient tablets.

Episode #43

In this 43rd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talk again with Joe Sullivan, Leading Cannabis Expert about the annual Black Friday celebration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are being altered from the normal festivities to ensure the safety of customers and staff. Mercy will be offering Black Friday deals all week long, beginning on Monday, November 23rd, 2020. Promotions are scheduled throughout the week with various vendors and products each day. Mercy is also committed to giving back to the community, so be sure to look for opportunities to donate to Be A Santa To A Senior.

Episode #47

In this 47th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Julia Bechtold, Director of Sales at KGB Reserve and Derrick Hemming COO of KGB Reserve. Derrick and Julia share the story of how the brand came about (KGB stands for Killer Green Bud!), their luxury infused joints, and how their brand is committed to being an equity brand.

Episode #53

In this 53rd episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Matthew Ingram co-founder and CEO of Proof. Matthew shares the story of Proof, their various products such as tinctures, pre-rolls, capsules, and RSO, and the fact that their family based company is comprised of mostly women.

In the second segment, we talk with Melissa Burgstahler, Founder/CEO of Dear Cannabis and Kellie Carlton, Partner/CMO of Dear Cannabis. Dear Cannabis was founded to help unite the cannabis supply chain to help patients in need. The program is meant to work under CA Senate Bill 34, to coordinate donations and services from cultivation to retail, providing cannabis products to patients at no cost.

Episode #54

In this 54th episode, Mercy Wellness™ talks with Erik Stewart, COO of Airo Brands, and Ryan Mears, Co-Owner of APEX. Erik shares the background of Airo and how they decided to focus on the vaporizer market. There are a variety of vaporizers to choose from, including the AiroPro, AiroSport, and AiroX. Airo paired together with APEX in 2019 for their oils and extracts because of the consistency and quality APEX was able to bring to the products in their vape pods. Ryan shared his history with cannabis and the love he has for the plant, as well as the bumps along the road in his journey. APEX is a multi-award-winning company with incredible testing scores from independent labs. 

Emma also shared some great news about Mercy Wellness: their second dispensary is now open in Santa Rosa at 900 Santa Rosa Avenue at the corner of Bennett Valley Road! Be sure to check out Mercy Wellness online to find out about the celebration of their grand opening.

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