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Canna Help You? Episode 33

Canna Help You? Episode 33


Host Joe Sullivan, Leading Expert and Product Manager at Mercy Wellness and Michelle Marques are joined by Aliza Sherman, CEO of Ellementa to talk about women and their relationship to cannabis. Cannabis can affect women differently than men, and women also tend to reach for edibles, tinctures, and topicals more than flower and vapes. Learn more in the book that Aliza Sherman co-authored with Dr. June Chin, “Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness” available online.

During the second segment, we talk Nate Ferguson, co-founder and Chief of Production at Jetty Extracts. Nate shares details on its new UNREFINED Live Resin product and how it differs from other live resin products. Jetty works with a proprietary cryoextraction process and curing techniques to create this full spectrum product.

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Under California law, the sale, distribution, manufacture, and cultivation of cannabis by a state-licensed operator is legal. However, under federal law, these activities remain illegal. Nothing discussed in this program is intended to imply otherwise.

The discussion is not to be construed as medical advice. Any discussion of the potential medical uses and benefits of cannabis or CBD is intended to encourage the listener to discuss those uses with the individual’s medical professional.