About Us

Setting Higher Standards

Mercy Wellness™ is a licensed medicinal and adult-use retail cannabis dispensary committed to providing cannabis education and safe access to the finest cannabis products available. Having been part of the forward-looking City of Cotati for almost a decade, we see our customers as our neighbors and serve them with integrity, respect, and the utmost care.

Locally owned and operated, Mercy is a Go Local business member. We are active in our community and support it as volunteers and through donations. Our executive director also serves on several boards and advisory committees. As the first dispensary in Sonoma County to begin adult-use recreational sales, we operate in strict compliance with all local and State laws and are licensed by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control for Retail Sales and Distribution.

Mercy Wellness™ is truly dedicated to providing exceptional service and products and operating safely and securely with minimal neighborhood impact. 

Mercy Virtues

Compassion is defined as “sympathetic awareness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” This is at the heart of the cannabis industry. So much of the progress that the cannabis world has achieved over the past decades has been dependent on compassion for people suffering a variety of illnesses. Our staff will treat you with compassion and make sure your needs are taken to heart.

As the repercussions of climate change continue to become a prevalent problem, Mercy is making a commitment to do better to minimize its environmental impact. We are doing our part to become more environmentally responsible by reducing Mercy’s carbon footprint. Most of the products we sell are sustainable. This means that they come from sustainably sourced resources and, when possible, they are packaged in renewable or recycled products, such as the nitrogen cans for Mercy flower.

If you’ve ever relieved a sour mood by paying attention to all the things in your life for which you are grateful, you can attest to the power of this virtue to transform your mood. We’re grateful that we live in a place that has embraced your right to consume cannabis and has given us the right to provide it for you. Mercy staff will tell you how much they appreciate you every time they see you. We hope the feeling is mutual. Just smile when you see us and we’ll respond with a grateful smile back.

Friendly, helpful, and well-intentioned is how we usually describe this virtue. It’s such a common expectation that its absence is immediately obvious. Mercy’s staff knows that kindness starts with how they treat one another. Greeting our customers with kindness is a natural extension. Kindness is that virtue that most people think of as common decency; giving people the benefit of doubt before we rush to judgment. Delivering an act of kindness is about the most generous thing you can do. Mercy is committed to extending kindness in all our interactions.

Love is the universal language, they say, and is our most important virtue. We want you to feel love the minute you think about Mercy or step into the store. Mercy Love is the experience; an expression of what we feel for you and starts with how we select the products we know you’ll love. We watch what you buy and what you ask for. We ask you to respond to surveys, and we listen when you talk about what you like. Our buyers research and explore the market to find essential products at the lowest everyday prices to keep you stocked. Then they look for the truly exceptional items that will blow you away—the stuff other retailers can’t offer you.

Generosity is a virtue that Sonoma County residents exhibit in record numbers. We have more nonprofits than most places and support causes near and dear to us. Mercy is committed to giving to causes that our staff, suppliers, and customers want to support. From time to time, we’ll announce special store events whereby we’ll donate a percentage of sales to nonprofits. This gives all of our stakeholders, customers, staff, and producers an opportunity to participate together to make a difference in our community.

Given the challenges of rolling out adult-use regulations across the state, many feel the City of Cotati is moving in the right direction by embracing the legal market and developing other licensing types for the entire supply chain. We have worked hard to establish positive relationships with our surrounding neighbors, the City of Cotati and the Cotati Police Department. A force for change in the cannabis industry, Mercy Wellness™ has pioneered new manufacturing technologies, sponsored the Elevated Compliance Conference, and demonstrated the merits of supporting compliant, community-minded cannabis businesses.

Mercy is a contributor to nonprofit groups that are working to alleviate housing insecurity and homelessness; to create healthier, pesticide-free public spaces; and to support water-conservation efforts. Mercy has also provided free medicine to fire victims who need assistance. We welcome medical and adult-use cannabis consumers and patients to our dispensary.

About our founder

Since its inception in June 2010, Brandon has been setting increasingly high standards and in doing so Mercy Wellness has been a model dispensary thanks to transparency and clear communication with local and state regulators. ‘Mercy’ Wellness was named after Brandon’s grandmother who inspired his mission for the dispensary – to provide a safe environment with education, compassion, safe access to reliable, affordable products to members and a passion for giving back to the community.

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