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Mercy Wellness, your cannabis dispensary in Santa Rosa, has some thoughts about the new year. Making New Year’s resolutions is a great way to take some time, reflect on the year that has just ended, and think ahead toward what you want to accomplish in the coming year. It can help you analyze yourself and figure out what areas of your life need to be improved upon in order for you to become the best version of yourself.

Making resolutions is an empowering way to focus on creating positive change for yourself and can be a powerful way of working towards achieving personal goals. Working through achievable goals helps you stay motivated, and channeling your energy into doing something for yourself can have an invigorating effect. Whether it is setting a goal to improve your health, relationships, or career, working on these important aspects of life during the new year can be rewarding both mentally and emotionally.

Yes, Even Stoners Should Make New Year's Resolutions

Making a New Year’s resolution as a stoner may sound like an unlikely task, but it can be surprisingly beneficial. After all, cannabis can inspire creativity and motivation – so why not use it to come up with some hilarious or clever resolutions that you have your heart set on achieving? By doing this, you’re not only viewing your future with optimism but also having a bit of fun at the same time.

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So as we move into the New Year, why not make it a point to put your inner stoner self to work and brainstorm those ideas for a memorable resolution. Ranging from increasing your consumption of veggies added to your favorite snacks to regulating how much time is spent in front of the TV – no ambition is too small or large. Regardless of the resolution chosen, remember that even stoners should prioritize 2023 with tangible goals and life-long dreams.

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Sample Some New Strains

One New Year’s resolution many stoners should make is to try some new strains of cannabis. As any self-respecting connoisseur knows, the true mark of a discerning weed smoker isn’t just how their current favorite strain hits the spot; it’s also about expanding their tasting palette and embracing the full spectrum of what marijuana has to offer. Step outside that tried-and-true niche and challenge yourself to see how other combinations of strains pack a punch.

Even if it turns out you’re completely wrong in your assumption that one specific strain is the only one worth experiencing, at least you can say you gave it a shot and can now truly appreciate what your current go-to offers. After all, sometimes, the most enlightening journey requires venturing outside one’s comfort zone. Check out the full spectrum of products we offer at our dispensary in Santa Rosa.

Mix In Some Veggies When You Have The Munchies

New Year’s resolutions are often hard to stick to, and the prospect of eating healthier while stoned may seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. For example, suppose you have a craving for something sweet, instead of scarfing down a whole tub of cookies, snack on fruit or trail mix. Or try blanching vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts, adding your favorite seasoning, and lightly baking them to make healthy yet delicious snacks that settle any rogue munchies. Making such minor changes will benefit your body and mind, so get creative (and hopefully not too high) in the kitchen this New Year.

Make things interesting and enrich your creative side by experimenting with delectable recipes that are sure to please the palate while also keeping it light enough not to weigh you down during a smoke sesh. Alternatively, if you’re too high to cook anything extravagant – no worries – follow this one simple rule: greens are good! So throw some spinach in anything and make it your go-to snack when the munchies strike.

Roll The Perfect Joint

One of the most popular New Year resolutions for stoners is to roll the perfect joint. Although it takes dedication and practice, this goal is well within reach. To start your journey of mastering the art of rolling joints, you will need two essential things: good weed and papers that won’t tear like tissue. And let’s face it – good papers make all the difference.

Achieving perfection does not mean making something that looks impressive from afar but may lack substance when held in hand. A perfectly rolled joint should be as balanced as a ballerina: not too tight nor too loose; its texture must possess the right amount of give with each puff; and its shape shouldn’t cause any frustration while lighting or smoking. It would be truly poetic if this process culminated in a giant doobie worthy of Up In Smoke fame, but at minimum, coming away with a smooth-joined cylinder is a job well done.

New Ways To Get High

New Year’s resolutions can be daunting, especially for the adventurous stoner. The modern marijuana enthusiast must constantly grapple with questions like, “what’s the most efficient way to get lifted?” and “should I vape or hit a bong?”

If you’re in search of a productive resolution trying something new – why not try a new method of consumption this year. From tinctures to edibles and everything in between, experimenting with new methods for consuming pot can make for an exciting experience. Maybe 2023 is the perfect moment to challenge yourself to find unique ways of getting high; who knows – by welcoming in the new year, you might discover your favorite way to indulge.

Make An Awesome Playlist

Making a perfect mix tape for stoners is an admirable New Year’s resolution, but it requires a fair amount of thought: what kind of music should be on it? Who doesn’t want a background soundtrack to enhance the blissful experience? So the perfect mix tape should feature everything from mellow riffs and sweet soundscapes that bring about relaxation to upbeat jazz tunes that add some excitement.

It’s important to choose music that inspires joy and elevates the mood. So instead of randomly picking songs from your library without any cohesiveness, take some time out this new year to curate the ultimate cannabis-inspired playlist. That way, you can start out 2023 with musical pleasure.

Ring In The New Year With A Visit To Mercy Wellness

Go ahead and ring in the new year by visiting Mercy Wellness, your dispensary in Santa Rosa and your one-stop shop for all things cannabis. Get ready to find the perfect strains to chill out after a long holiday week of family feasting and festivities. Mercy Wellness is here to provide you with the best selection of legally sourced and tested products, complete with knowledgeable staff members who are eager to answer any questions you may have. So don’t miss out on an experience like no other in 2023; come visit us and find everything cannabis-related that your heart desires.

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