Your quest to find medical marijuana near me in California will yield the right results. Why – you may wonder when marijuana is federally prohibited. The answer lies in the Compassionate Use Act, which saw the ban on marijuana being lifted in 1996. Under this act, the law enforcement in California cannot prosecute you for possession of marijuana as long as it has been recommended for personal use by a licensed physician for treating certain qualified medical conditions.

Just like any other law, the Compassionate Use Act of California is steeped in confusion; and it can often be overwhelming and frustrating for a person who is looking for medical marijuana. However, if you understand the nuances of the law, you will not hesitate to run a search for medical marijuana near me should you have a health condition that requires cannabis.

Consuming Cannabis Legally in California

Only adults aged 21 years and more can legally buy and consume medical marijuana. It is prudent to remember that you are required to have a medical marijuana card if you want to buy over an ounce of marijuana or 8g of concentrated cannabis at one time. The same holds true if you intend to grow your own cannabis plants at home. You require a medical marijuana card in case you intend to grow more than six plants in your home.

The card is a useful possession to have if you are reliant on cannabis for acute pain management or you want highly potent cannabis edibles or smokes that are dispensed just for adult use.

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card

To get your card, you need to apply in-person at the Health Department office of your county. The card attracts a nominal fee. While the county Health Department issues the card, it is valid throughout California. Just get in touch with the Health Department of your county to find out the fee, and schedule an appointment.

Make sure you carry the following documents with you when you go for the appointment:

  • Copy of the recommendation from a licensed physician stating that you can use marijuana to treat your condition or illness.
  • A valid photo ID issued by the government, like a driver’s license, VA identity card, and US passport.
  • A photograph clicked at the program office of the county.
  • County residency proof to show that you are the resident of the county. To find out what construes as proof, check the website of your county.

In case you are the primary caregiver of a person who requires medical marijuana for a health condition, you have to follow the same procedure to apply for a primary caregiver’s card. However, the person and the caregiver have to be present together when applying for the card.

Getting a Doctor’s Recommendation for Medical Marijuana Near You

According to the Compassionate Use Act, you need a recommendation for using marijuana from a doctor licensed by the Medical Board of California. It is prudent to remember that as per the federal Controlled Substance Act, marijuana is illegal. Also, many physicians believe that the herb is not useful as a medicine. Hence, you may find that all doctors in California may not be that forthcoming about issuing a written recommendation to use cannabis medicinally.

It is best to visit a local dispensary in your neighborhood to get a list of doctors who are willing to recommend marijuana use for a legitimate health condition or illness.

Buying Marijuana Legally

In California, there are licensed dispensaries for marijuana for recreational use and medical use. The dispensaries that are licensed to dispense cannabis for medical purposes will only serve you if you have a valid recommendation from a doctor or marijuana medical card. And, you can purchase marijuana for medical purpose only from these licensed dispensaries.

According to California state law, licensed dispensaries can stay open only until 10 pm. If you are searching for medical marijuana near me, visit the California Bureau of Cannabis Control to get a list of licensed dispensaries. You can even visit online portals that have reviews from other customers to find shop menus and reviews about local dispensaries. Sites such as Leafly and WeedMaps are quite popular for customer reviews, and finding menus of different dispensaries.

Using Medical Marijuana in California

If you are looking to use medical marijuana in California, you need to have one of the following approved conditions:

  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Anorexia
  • Chronic pain
  • Cachexia
  • Spasticity
  • Muscular spasms, like what people with multiple sclerosis experience
  • Seizures, like one gets if they have epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Arthritis
  • Severe Nausea
  • Migraine

You can even get a recommendation of medical marijuana for any chronic health condition that limits your ability to perform any life activities or a condition that can have a grievous effect on your physical and/or mental health and well being.

The Final Words

It is prudent to remember that your health insurance will not cover the cost of buying medical marijuana. Also, if you work in a company that routinely tests employees for substance abuse, you may want to check the company policy on marijuana. You may find that most companies will not look favorably on an employee if they test positive for cannabis, even if it is for treating a medical condition.

Now you know everything there is to know about using medical marijuana. California is one of the first states in the US to legalize the usage of medical marijuana. Thus, running a search to find medical marijuana near me should not be that difficult. However, make sure you have a valid recommendation from a physician; and if you intend to use more than an ounce of marijuana or 8g of concentrated cannabis, get a medical marijuana card without fail. Otherwise, the local cannabis dispensary will not serve you.

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