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At Mercy Wellness, we curate the widest and best selection of cannabis flower, edibles, oils and tinctures at the lowest, everyday prices. Each month, we’ll be featuring product makers here so you can learn a bit more about their companies and products. Come on in and visit our budtenders to learn more!


Proof is a Sonoma County based, family owned and operated, craft manufacturer, that makes all products by hand in small batches. Our mission is to provide the very best quality products with compassionate pricing. Compassionate pricing means that all who benefit from our products can afford them. We make products we are proud of, and we love sharing them with you!

Under California law, the sale, distribution, manufacture and cultivation of cannabis by a state licensed operator is legal. However, under federal law these activities remain illegal. Nothing discussed here is intended to imply otherwise. The discussions are not to be construed as medical advice. Any discussion of the potential medical uses and benefits of cannabis or CBD are intended to encourage the listener to discuss those uses with the individual’s medical professional.