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Founder/ CEO

Brandon Levine
CEO & Founder

• 1st approved Adult-Use Dispensary in Sonoma County
• Holds 3 retail, 3 indoor cultivation, 1 manufacturing and 1 distribution licenses
• Developed and owns multiple product brands
• First nanotech product to market
• First to bring nitrogen sealed packaging to the legal market
• First to bring liquid cooled LED lights to cultivation
• First to build themed dispensary using project mapping
• 100% self-funded, not owned by a big corporation

Brandon Levine is a Sonoma County native and has successfully operated numerous businesses in the last 15 years. At the age of 23, Brandon owned and operated a large tile company of more than 25 employees and improved many historical homes in Sonoma County and the Bay Area.

In 2009 serving as Executive Director, Brandon began the successful application process for the first licensed dispensary in the City of Cotati. Since its inception in June 2010, Brandon has been setting increasingly high standards and in doing so Mercy Wellness has been a model dispensary thanks to transparency and clear communication with local and state regulators. ‘Mercy’ Wellness was named after Brandon’s grandmother who inspired his mission for the dispensary – to provide a safe environment with education, compassion, safe access to reliable, affordable products to members and a passion for giving back to the community.

In 2016, Brandon produced Elevated Cannabis Compliance Conference to educate individuals involved in the cannabis industry on best practices. This event was located in Sonoma County and had over 700 attendees for the two days from all over the United States. Industry leaders, as well as many state and local officials, participated. The event brought great minds together creating a network of support for the vastly growing cannabis industry.

After Elevated, Brandon continued his quest for safe medicine and launched CALYXGREEN, Inc. a cannabis packaging company that uses patented technology to hermetically seal dried cannabis flowers into cans with nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas that’s widely used in organic food and beverage packaging because it is clean, safe and environmentally friendly. These cans ensure the cannabis is protected in its purest form, tamper proof, and not deteriorated by light, oxygen, or residual humidity. These cans are 100% recyclable, proven to keep flower fresh for up to two years, and has improved the way Mercy Wellness stores its cannabis.

The experience and knowledge of the commercial cannabis community placed Brandon on the Sonoma County Marijuana Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) which was comprised of representatives of nearly every county agency. The MTAC included several working groups such as Agriculture and the Environment, Enforcement and Land Use, Taxation and Revenue, Economic Development and Jobs and Health and Human Services. Together these groups explored many facets of the cannabis industry and its impacts in the community to develop the ordinance that will regulate the industry in Sonoma County.

In 2017, Brandon formed Fleuron, Inc., a 10,000-square foot cultivation facility in the City of Santa Rosa. His extensive experience in the industry, track record of compliance, and having a reputation of improving the neighborhoods in which he operates earned him this highly sought-after permit. Fleuron’s operational plans demonstrate cutting edge environmental practices of recycling water and plant material, as well as utilizing green-energy and LED lighting.

In addition to MTAC, Brandon is also a board member of the California Growers Association (CGA). This statewide cannabis lobbying organization was formed in 2015 to protect and promote growers and independent businesses within California’s cannabis industry.

CGA works actively on the frontline of monumental policy decisions being made at the state level. In addition, I am also a member of the Sonoma County Growers Alliance (SCGA) which educates, collaborates and advocates for patient, cultivator and community rights and responsibilities. SCGA works cooperatively with all individuals, businesses and regulatory bodies to ensure that reasonable environmental, social and economic standards are set in place, helping cultivators within the community to participate and thrive responsibly.

Currently, Brandon has two retail dispensary licenses from the Bureau of Cannabis Control and their respective local jurisdictions. Mercy Wellness his flagship operation, and Doobie Nights an immersive retail experience infused with some of the most state-of-the-art architecturally mapped LED lighting. To further enhance the experience, blended illuminated sculptures with projection-mapped digital art and animation, and an interactive touch screen wall allowing customers to get detailed information about the products, and gain more insight into the core values from the brands we carry. Doobie Nights will be opening December 2020 and a 2nd Mercy Wellness location in Santa Rosa is planned to open Spring 2020.

Brandon continues to work closely with city and county officials across Northern California as well as many local organizations. His ethics of working hard and community mindedness, combined with a passion to share best practices with all who care to collaborate, make Brandon a great asset in any organization, and in any jurisdiction, he works with.