Joints, Vape, or Edibles: How to Choose the Right Method for You

joints, edibles, or vape

There are many different ways to enjoy cannabis. Along with long-time favorites like joints and edibles, the industry has recently burst into an abundance of choices, including vapes, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, snacks, and an ever-growing list of creative options. If you’re just beginning, the best three methods to try include pre-rolled joints, vapes, and edibles. Which one is best for you? It depends on the type of experience you are looking for and your body’s unique metabolism.

We’re taking a closer look at what to expect from joints, vapes, and edible cannabis experiences so you can choose the best methods to try for yourself.

Pre-Rolled Joints: The Simplest Cannabis

If you want to try cannabis in its purest green, natural form but without the effort of managing glassware or the skill to roll, pre-rolled joints are the cannabis industry’s gifts to beginners and connoisseurs on the go. Your dispensary of choice will select their finest green buds – often the result of precisely-weighted trimming, grind the flower to perfection, and then expertly pack pre-rolled cones into ready-to-smoke joints.

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You can explore each cannabis strain naturally and without effort to find your favorite. Joints are a great place for beginners to start their baseline cannabis experience. They are easy to enjoy alone with no experience and to share with others.

Most people consider smoking a joint to be a relaxing outdoor group activity. Keep this in mind when choosing between joints, vape, or edibles. If you are headed to a party or trying out cannabis strains with a few friends, a varied selection of joints can make a great and easy weekend.

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Vaping: The Cleanest Cannabis

Vaping is the technological innovation and test-backed production made possible by cannabis legalization. Labs concentrate cannabis plants into concentrated cannabis oil. This oil is then piped into 0.5 – 1.0 gram cartridges and heated through a wick into a clean, smokeless vapor. Vaping offers a clean, smoke-free flavor and direct cannabis absorption and leaves a much lighter and cleanable residue compared to any kind of smoke.

Vape is ideal for anyone who has a delicate respiratory system and cannot stand any smoke or harshness. It is easy on the lungs, but still causes typical dry mouth, so keep a refreshing beverage nearby. Vape is also very strong, typically closer to 80% THC, whereas natural flower tops out around 20-25% THC. It may be too easy to go beyond your preferred level with a high-quality vape cart and charged-up pen battery. So if you’re new to cannabis, look for low-concentrate carts and/or take it slow.

It only takes a few seconds to start feeling the effects of a vape hit. Keep this in mind when choosing between joints, vape, or edibles. We suggest a one to three-second hit, then hold your hit for as long as you can (10-60 seconds) and exhale slowly through both your nose and mouth for the optimized effect.

Edibles: The Holistic Cannabis

Finally, there’s the joy of edibles. Edibles are cannabis-infused food items, often delicious baked goods like cookies and brownies. However, you can also find savory options like cannabis pasta sauce or ingredients like infused honey, butter, and olive oil. Cannabis gummies and chocolates are also extremely popular, and cannabis drinks are growing in number.

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For those getting started with cannabis, edibles are the most holistic. Instead of absorbing through the membranes of your respiratory system, you absorb through your digestive system. This is slower and passes a lot more endocannabinoid receptors in your body along the way. The food you digest also distributes differently into your bloodstream compared to the air that you breathe.

The effects of edibles will take longer to onset -expect a 15-45 minute wait – but also last as long as your metabolism takes to process the food. Gummies on an empty stomach will be faster than brownies on a full stomach, but don’t mistake a slow onset for no effects. We recommend having non-medicated snacks nearby so that when you realize the first edible was delicious, you don’t accidentally double the dose in seconds.

Edibles are also a favorite among medical cannabis pursuits, due to the holistic effect and being easiest on the entire body with a soft rise, a long effect, and a soft landing.

Joints, Vape, Edibles, and Your Metabolism

The last deciding factor is your own metabolism. Everyone responds to each of the cannabis methods a little differently. Some people really love the full spectrum plant material experience of a smoking leaf. Thus, joints are the most flavorful way to enjoy cannabis in its natural form.
Some find that vaping is especially strong, either to their enjoyment or aversion. You may perfect how to maintain your ideal level using the precision of a mod box or even start mixing your own cannabis vaping oils.

Many people choose edibles as their favorite method for the holistic, whole-body experience that can last for several hours. But your experience will depend on how your body digests and what food you combine it with. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the many different types and recipes of edibles. You will soon get a feel for which strains and types interact best with your body.

Joint, Vape, or Edibles: Choosing the Right Cannabis Methods for You

Choosing the right cannabis method for you is all about your preference. For example, it depends on things like flavor, the onset experience, and your body’s own metabolic responses. The best way to get started is to talk to a knowledgeable and friendly budtender about the experience you want to have. They can point you in the right direction toward energizing or sedative cannabis strains and the products that best suit your needs.

You can rely on the welcoming budtenders of Mercy Wellness to help you find the right cannabis selection to learn your tastes. Think you might like edibles? Try a few different recipes and see what it’s like. Test out vaping with a disposable pen that is done when you are. And you can always pick up a few delicious pre-rolled joints in a bouquet of strains and flavors. To find out more about joints, vapes, and edibles, visit Mercy Wellness online or in one of our California dispensaries.

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