Medical Monday: Elevated Cannabis Compliance Conference

Dope Staff April 25, 2016

Elevated Cannabis Compliance Conference – I’m sitting in a large hotel conference room listening to two speakers sitting onstage discuss various business tax structures. A man in a suit sits beside me taking detailed notes, on my other side, a bearded man with a baseball hat and a Rasta colored t-shirt is also furiously taking notes. On the same weekend of San Francisco’s popular and very smoky HempCon, hundreds of people came to the sleepy town of Rohnert Park in the North Bay Area to talk about the finer points cannabis compliance. In attendance were lawyers, growers, accountants, clean energy companies, city officials, dispensary owners, even a California Assemblyman.

Elle Yung with the local Mercy Wellness of Cotati said the dispensary was inspired to put on Elevated after going to conferences that rehashed the same general information.

“We know that we can’t go to banks, so what do we do?” Well Mercy Wellness put on their own weekend long event and asked industry leaders, lawyers, lawmakers, and tax attorneys to lead workshops that answered that question and many more. Topics at Elevated ranged from bookkeeping, delivery service legalities, environmental impacts of outdoor cultivation, new product testing requirements and many more.

Yung said that they wanted the event to be presented professionally to make people feel that they are in an industry. By the crowd that showed up and speakers that lead the panels, Elevated was an exciting taste of what is to come for the cannabis and gaining legitimacy of the industry.

Original Article in Dope Magazine

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