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Here are some examples of rewards we’ve offered. These are limited supply, so items on this page may not be available. To see current rewards and redeem your points, check your Mercy wallet and visit Mercy Wellness in Cotati or Santa Rosa.

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15 Points

FREE Revenant Lighter

 50 Points

FREE Mercy Lighter

(Currently only available at Mercy Santa Rosa)

mercy wellness merch

50 Points

FREE Gray Tee-Shirt by local artist OnSite Designs

50 Points

FREE Mercy Pin by local artist Fat Freddy’s Creations

150 Points

FREE Mercy NugScope – 60x Magnification w/ built-in lights

200 Points

Lunch Money Nap Time Doobie for 1¢

300 Points

FREE Mercy Grinder

12,500 Points

FREE Mercy TerpKooler

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