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Mercy Love Loyalty Rewards FAQ

What is the Mercy Love Reward program and how does it work?
We thank you for shopping at Mercy Wellness. You earn 2% back on what you spend redeemable every in-store visit.

How do I track Mercy Love and see my rewards?
Go to our Mercy eCommerce shop and log into your profile to view your rewards balance.

Do I have to sign up to start receiving rewards points?
No, you are already receiving points. It’s automatic and your points are updated in your virtual wallet after each visit to Mercy Wellness.

When can I redeem Mercy Love rewards?
You can redeem your Mercy Love rewards anytime.

How do I redeem Mercy Love rewards?
Let your budtender know you would like to use your Mercy Love rewards before you complete your transaction.

What kinds of items can I redeem with my rewards?
Any item that we offer! We want you to be able to choose what you spend your Mercy Love rewards on. You can use your points towards any of your favorite items that we offer at Mercy Wellness.

Do I earn MercyLove rewards points with delivery purchases?
Absolutely! Every purchase you make earns you loyalty points. Both in-store and delivery.

Do Mercy Love rewards points expire?
Your rewards will only expire if you haven’t visited the dispensary for six months.

I don’t have a smartphone, or internet access at home. How can I view and/or redeem my points?
In case you don’t have a computer or a smartphone to view your rewards, we will be happy to assist you at checkout when you come into the store.

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