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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Mercy Wellness, your pot shop in Santa Rosa, thought now is a great time to address sex and marijuana. With the rise of legalization in more and more places on a global scale, cannabis is becoming increasingly accepted as a viable remedy to improve many areas of our physical and mental health. One oft-overlooked arena where cannabis can be incredibly beneficial, however, is when it comes to libido and sex drive.

While research in this area is still relatively new, early studies appear to show that cannabis can prove tremendously useful for boosting sexual satisfaction for both men and women. Of course, the way it does this depends on the individual; for some, consuming certain types of cannabis might lead to heightened arousal levels and increased sensitivity when it comes to physical pleasure. For others, cannabis has been known to reduce anxiety associated with sex and lower inhibitions related to intimacy – allowing couples or partners greater freedom to explore their sexuality. All-in-all, incorporating cannabis into your sex life can result in an overall improved experience—one worth exploring.

How Does Cannabis Become An Aphrodisiac?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present in the bodies of all humans and even other animals, and it serves as an integral part of human health. Every cell in the human body contains receptors that work with cannabinoids or molecules produced by the body that connect to this system.

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When you take cannabis, cannabinoids connect with the ECS, enabling its power to affect hormones and neurotransmitters, which produce different kinds of effects within the body. One of these effects is an increase in libido and sexual pleasure – studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system helps activate specific neuronal networks related to sexual desire, response, and arousal. Furthermore, cannabis can help reduce anxiety, tension, and pain during sex – three issues commonly associated with lower libidos – making this a valuable tool for many couples trying to reignite their intimacy.

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How Cannabis Affects Women And Their Libido

As current research into cannabis’ effects on women’s libido and sex drive suggests, its impact is complex. Studies have shown that cannabis can improve arousal and intensity of physical sensation but can also lead to impairment of sexual function; for example, a decrease in lubrication or orgasmic response.

While the overall effect of cannabis on female sex drive is not yet fully understood, individuals may react differently depending on their body chemistry, history with cannabis use, and dosage amount. It is thus important to understand how an individual’s particular combination of these factors may interact with cannabis to affect one’s libido and sex drive before experiencing it firsthand.

How Cannabis Affects Men And Their Libido

In recent years, cannabis has become an increasingly popular tool for enhancing men’s libido and sex drive. Research suggests that cannabis produces a variety of psychoactive effects that stimulate arousal and increased pleasure during intimate encounters. In addition, studies have found that cannabis improves the perception of time and mental acuity, which can lead to more intense, longer-lasting sexual experiences due to the strain and concentration placed on enjoying the moment.

Additionally, research suggests that cannabis may reduce inhibitions and increase tactile sensitivity, aiding in a greater overall sensation during physical contact. While more research is needed to understand how cannabis affects libido in men entirely, anecdotal evidence provides mounting support for its potential as an effective treatment with minimal adverse side effects.

The Best Cannabis Strains For Sex

Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, cannabis and sex often go hand-in-hand. Different cannabis strains and methods of consumption can help enhance one’s experience in the bedroom. For smoking, balanced hybrid strains like Blue Dream provide deep relaxation throughout the body, which is ideal for lingering pleasure and heightened sensations.

On the other hand, Indica strains such as Lolo Kush, found at our pot shop,  can help negate stress and anxiety while creating an intense focus on physical pleasure through its small yet clear cerebral effects. Finally, for those looking to take their cannabis experience further on the sexual front, edibles are the way to go. Through longer-lasting effects, edibles such as chocolates or gummies allow for a more concentrated and powerful high that can lead to longer-lasting orgasms when used wisely. In any case, much of using cannabis for better sex is about finding what works best for you.

Cannabis Is Not A Quick Fix

Cannabis is, at times, misrepresented as a ‘quick fix’ for mental and emotional health issues instead of being seen as an aid to improving both. However, while cannabis may not be the answer for everyone, for many, it can help improve mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and inspire creativity.

We can use cannabis as a means to increase our ability to connect with ourselves and others and tap into our own emotions on a deeper level with no fear of judgment or shame. It serves as a powerful tool for exploring our sexuality and intimate connection with others, which naturally becomes more enjoyable when our mental well-being is improved. Used wisely, cannabis can become part of an engaging journey towards healthier relationships and experiences, which only adds to the joys of life.

Mercy Wellness: Compassion And Community

At Mercy Wellness, your pot shop in Santa Rosa, our mission is to create a compassionate and safe place for all who are looking for quality medical or recreational cannabis. We strive to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, as our staff provides top-notch customer service backed by reliable knowledge. In addition, we are proud to offer the largest selection of high-quality products in California, all grown, manufactured, and sold in strict compliance with the state’s marijuana law.

What makes us different from the average dispensary is how passionate we are about improving our community through education and activism. Whether you’re seeking assistance with alternative medicine options or guidance on legislation around cannabis laws in California, we strive to help individuals make informed decisions.

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