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Mercy Seed Project

‘Rebuilding One Seed at a Time.’

Mercy Wellness is bringing you more than just cannabis.

As we are all experiencing life through a new normal, we are seeing many changes. One of the changes is people being out of work, another one is the disruption of the food supply chain. We have taken it upon ourselves to help in the way we know how, ‘growing.’ We have started tens of thousands of produce seeds, and have packaged hundreds of thousands into packets to be given away to our community for free. The action of growing your own vegetables is very rewarding.  You get fresh produce and being outside in the garden makes you feel good. We hope everyone enjoys doing their part.


Provide seed packets and starts to the community. Growing produce will help lighten the demand for food in a disrupted supply chain. Gardening gives people a reason to go outside be active in their yards. We are striving to connect people through growing produce, to give a little relief from the situations they may be in. Most of all, it gets you off social media and gets your hands in the dirt!






Who it Helps:

All of us enjoy fresh produce. You can grow it for your family, share it with your neighbors, or share with a community organization. It helps us all connect on a more personal level and even stimulate demand for growing supplies, helping local business. We hope that this project helps residents, farmers, restaurants, and Sonoma County at large rebuild its strength and stability.

Directions for Planting:

Click Seed Variety to Download and Print Growing Instructions:


Bell Peppers









Green Beans