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In 2016, Proof’s founders, a husband and wife team, set out with a simple goal: to make cannabis products of the absolute highest quality, priced compassionately, so that those who need them most could afford them. Proof remains family owned and operated, governed by values and the compassionate pricing mission. 

They knew cannabis-derived CBD and other specialized cannabinoid products were bringing relief to many, but they also saw that they were some of the most expensive items on the shelf. That didn’t seem right to them. 

Proof started to work with local farmers to make affordable cannabis products for friends, family, and members of their collective. Before long, they realized that their efforts were starting to make an impact. They heard from those who came to rely on their products, and find real benefit from using them. And they could afford to use them! 

Proof's vision became clear: they’d make affordable, high quality cannabis products for those who rely on them. They call this compassionate pricing and it means that you won’t find any other products in the market at such high quality with dedication to perfection, available at compassionate, affordable, prices. 

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